Boxing: Floyd Mayweather mocked the cheating Mexican ex-boxer Antonio Margarito

Once considered the best boxer pound for pound and who retired from professional boxing a few years ago, continues to capture the world’s attention for his eccentric way of life and for the way he expresses himself about some of his fellow professionals.

When Floyd Mayweather Jr. opens his mouth to address a controversial topic, his voice reverberates among the media in the same way his punches sent his rivals to the canvas.

Cheating in the ring

During an interview with Fight Hype, the former American world champion recalled when in 2009, the California Athletic Commission suspended Mexican Antonio Margarito because some representatives of that body noticed that in the bandage used in his fight against Shane Mosley there was a substance similar to plaster.

This trap meant to the so-called “Tijuana Tornado” a punishment of one year away from any possibility of holding professional fights.

In this sense, Mayweather Jr. pointed out that this was the best way to evade an opponent who, perhaps because of his tricks, could have not only defeated him, but even marked the end of his existence.

“Antonio Margarito said over and over again that I was afraid of him. He was pressing, and he wanted to fight so badly, because he was beating fighters with loaded gloves (with ‘casts’), so I’m glad God didn’t let that fight happen,” he said.

Opposite paths

In a sarcastic tone, “The Money” stressed that he was never afraid to step into the ring with Margarito, but it was best not to have done so to avoid taking a bad punch.

“Because you don’t know what kind of effect it would have had on me. Those (punches) would have wreaked havoc after my boxing career was over. He could have ended up killing me in the ring, you don’t know what could happen. So sometimes you have certain signals (to face fighters or not), I was never afraid of him and at that particular moment it didn’t make sense for us to fight,” he said.

It should be noted that after Margarito’s suspension and the reasons for it, his career was in decline, while Mayweather Jr.’s continued with a favorable trend that allowed him to retire undefeated.