Rupaul Net Worth: Where does the famous drag queen get his money besides his reality show?

RuPaul has been dominating the runway and everything he can get his hands on. Without a doubt RuPaul’s Drag Race has been an enormous success and in its 15 seasons he has managed to have spin-offs as well as international versions of the show.

RuPaul has been able to amass an estimated $60 million according to celebrity net worth websites, the fashion icon, tv personality, and the most famous drag queen in the world has a big fortune.

Back in 2013, Tv Guide mentioned that RuPaul was on the list of highest-paid reality tv-stars because of the whopping $50,000 per episode that he makes on Drag Race. Each season has about 14 to 16 episodes each season which is about $700,000 per season. He also has producing credits and he is also the executive producer of international shows which are different deals.

RuPaul is a multidimensional artist

RuPaul is also a recording artist, the most famous drag queen also recorded more than 12 albums and has been doing it periodically, his latest album was back in 2020 and was called “You’re a winner baby”.

Along with his acting, singing, modeling, and hosting career, he is also an entrepreneur as he has a makeup empire with Colorevolution that he named Glamazon, a line of makeup that has a unisex fragrance while also partnering with Mally Beauty for the Mally X RuPaul Color Cosmetics Collection.

When speaking about makeup, he told Allure that “[Mally] embodies everything I love about makeup and the playfulness of it. When she asked me to collaborate, I thought, ‘Absolutely’.”

RuPaul also has a Beverly Hills mansion that is worth about $13.7 million, it has a pool, spa, gazebo, and a landscaping area that is to die for.