Lucas Hernandez at PSG! A good idea but…


Announced at Paris Saint-Germain, Lucas Hernandez divides observers. If the level and the state of mind of the world champion are unanimous, his physical condition raises questions.

After four years at Bayern Munich, can Lucas Hernandez take the plunge to join Ligue 1? This is a hypothesis that has been gaining momentum for a few days. The newspaper L’Équipe announces this week that an agreement between Paris Saint-Germain and the French international defender has been reached for a transfer next summer. A wise idea for the club of the capital? Observers are divided.

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Invited to speak on La Chaîne L’Équipe, Carine Galli summarized the general opinion. “He’s a very good, high-level player. What worries me a bit is that we are recovering a Skriniar who had major back problems, so there is still some doubt. If we get a Lucas Hernandez who is coming back from a very serious injury and who is prone to injuries, that obviously raises several question marks. But at the same time, there are also not a huge number of defenders, versatile like him, good when fit, a year from the end of their contract and who can potentially be bought on the cheap. »

Lucas Hernandez, doubts about his physical condition

“If the price is a little attractive, it’s still quite tempting, continued the journalist. I like it even more than Skriniar because honestly, Skriniar, this back story, if it’s recurrent…”. Former defender Benoît Trémoulinas expressed a similar view. “I will be happy and reassured after the medical visit… There are plenty of players who have been announced and who, after the medical injury, have returned to their club (…) It is certain that if he is 100%, a Lucas Hernandez at PSG, there is no picture because he is a defensive leader. »