Larsa Pippen shocks fans with her fiery tiny bikini as she gets ready for the summer, comments slam Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen is now making headlines after she posted a new picture of her in a tiny bikini as she is ready for the summer and by the looks of it, she is planning to spend as much time on the sun as possible.

Larsa Pippen’s latest headlines have come adhered to Marcus Jordan, the son of legendary Michael Jordan who used to be Larsa’s ex-boyfriend’s teammate in the Chicago Bulls Dynasty of the 80s and 90s.

The mother of four showed her entire sculpted body in a tiny bikini modeling the two-piece set in front of the mirror for her almost five million Instagram followers wearing nothing but that beige attire and some simple pieces of jewelry and bracelets that matched her long braid.

Larsa Pippen’s fans have no decorum

Right after she posted the picture to Instagram which she captioned “Back at it,been working out” the comments started pouring in and it seems her fans pulled out all of their stops because they did not hesitate to throw shade at Marcus Jordan as one fan put it, “Jordan ain’t hitting it right,”.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have been seen together constantly

One of the main things people highlight about the Jordan-Pippen relationship is the age difference between her and Marcus since she is 48 years old and Marcus is only 32, however, at this time and age, singling a relationship merely on age difference is quite reductive.

The Pippen-Jordan drama continues as people always compare Scottie to Marcus and fans take it to the NBA history of when MJ and Scottie were the kings of their game.