Skip Bayless labels LeBron James “all-time pathetic” after Lakers’ latest defeat

The Los Angeles Lakers had a disastrous night as they went 2-0 down in the Western Conference playoffs against the Denver Nuggets, with LeBron James singled out for criticism.

The team had held the lead for much of the tie, reaching a double digit lead for much of the second period, but James didn’t help his team.

Coach Darvin Ham brought James out with a nine-point lead which was down to just two when he was put back into the action.

The 38-year-old recorded zero from six attempts at three pointers and the tie eventually ended 108-103.

Bayless’ criticism

Among the critics was commentator Skip Bayless, who did not hold back.

LeBron James: triple jeopardy for the Lakers,” he posted on Twitter.

“He just won’t stop taking and missing threes, even though he’s down to almost 20% for the playoffs, all-time pathetic.”

Fans responded, but surprisingly, many seemed to agree with him.

“This was definitely one of his worst second-half performances of all time,” one agreed.

The Lakers now face an uphill task in their playoff game and face it with LeBron far from his best.