Messi, Neymar… He reveals a huge problem at PSG

A club’s DNA is often what is most important in football. Paris Saint-Germain, since the takeover of Qatar in 2011, has seemed to have lost part of its DNA, according to many supporters and followers of the club. This would come from the fact that the players coming to PSG do not come for the sports project, but for the money…

When the Qataris arrived in Paris, the team that was built was directly competitive and even scared the opponents. Since then, everything seems to have changed with a PSG not as imperial as in previous years. Part of the answer seems to have been provided.

“They cut themselves off from the sport”

In the show Rothen ignites broadcast on RMC, Jerome Rothen compared the projects of Manchester City and PSG, two clubs recently moved under a foreign flag: “ City is all the difference with PSG today. You cut yourself off from the club’s DNA too quickly for my taste. Behind the problem is that they have made sport a priority by taking emblematic players who have allowed PSG to compete very quickly with the best European teams. But it fell into line. You just recruit marketing. They have cut themselves off from sports. »

“They come to PSG for the money”

For Christophe Dugary, The conclusion is clear: They come to Paris Saint-Germain for the money, that’s clear and clear. Initially, the players who came to City surely came for the money. Afterwards, we put the football objective in it. »