Kate Middleton’s alleged feud with Queen Camilla during Coronation revealed

In a recent revelation, royal biographer Tom Bower has shed light on a brewing feud between Kate Middleton, also known as the Princess of Wales, and the newly crowned queen, Camilla. Bower claimed that Middleton, along with her husband Prince William, expressed their discontent over the guest list for King Charles’ coronation on May 6, leading to a significant rift between the two prominent figures.

During an appearance on “Dan Wootton Tonight,” Bower disclosed that Middleton and Prince William were displeased because the princess could only invite four of her family members, while Camilla had 20 guests in attendance. Bower further revealed that those instrumental in transforming Camilla’s image from the king’s mistress to queen were also excluded from the high-profile event.

As the controversy surrounding the guest list unfolded, tensions between the parties involved became palpable. Bower noted that as the king and queen exited Westminster Abbey, everyone in the vicinity respectfully bowed and curtsied to the king but notably refrained from acknowledging Camilla. This visible snub further fueled the anger directed towards the queen.

Bower emphasized that the resentment extended beyond Middleton and Prince William. The exclusion of key individuals who played a pivotal role in Camilla’s ascent to queen status intensified the prevailing discontent. The impact of these grievances was evident within the limited congregation seated near the throne at Westminster Abbey, where even Middleton failed to curtsy to Queen Camilla.

The animosity persisted during the coronation concert held the following day, which drew an audience of 20,000 people. Bower highlighted that Prince William, in his speech, conspicuously omitted any reference to Queen Camilla, indicating the underlying tension between the parties involved.

Contention soars as imbalanced guest list triggers discontent and royal cold shoulder

According to Bower, these events took a toll on Camilla, with witnesses describing her as visibly exhausted in the weeks leading up to the coronation. The burden of the entire situation seemed to weigh heavily on her, as signs of weariness and age were apparent.

This latest development adds to the growing perception that the new queen has been pushing people away. Royal expert Christopher Andersen claimed that Camilla’s actions have further alienated Prince Harry from his father. By using the argument that Harry is no longer a working royal, Camilla has allegedly played a role in isolating Charles from his younger son, thus straining their relationship.

Andersen, the author of “King: The Life of Charles III,” suggests that every time Charles considers extending an olive branch to Harry, Camilla ensures that he is reminded of the negative portrayal of her in Harry’s recently published memoir, “Spare.” These alleged actions have deepened the divide between father and son, according to Andersen.

As the royal drama continues to unfold, the tensions between Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla serve as a reminder that even within the regal confines, conflicts and disagreements can arise, adding a touch of intrigue to the world of royalty.