Corgi at it again with Conference Finals predictions, hits on Nuggets beating Lakers

A corgi with some incredible shooting skills has taken social media by storm during the 2023 NBA Playoffs and is once again going viral due to its predictions for the Conference Finals, already hitting on the Denver Nuggets defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1.

The corgi, nicknamed Steph Furry and Fluffy Mamba, has 1.4 million followers on TikTok [@aircorg]. Its prediction of the Golden State Warriors defeating the Lakers in seven games was wrong, but it is the most viewed video on the dog’s account with 9.5 million views.

Nostradamus Corgi is back: here are AirCorg’s picks for NBA Conference FinalsTK/@aircorg

In fact, most of the dog’s predictions throughout the NBA Playoffs have been wrong, only getting a handful of games correct. The guesses consist of which basket Steph Furry scores in for each game.

What made the corgi go viral was that he correctly predicted the winner of the first five games in Lakers vs. Warriors, but Golden state was unable to come back from a 3-1 series deficit like the prediction.

Once again, the corgi is off to a good start in its prediction for the Western Conference finals, as Denver is now up 1-0 after beating LA on Tuesday night. The dog ended up “predicting” that Nuggets win in six games.

Corgi predicts Heat loses to Celtics

Lakers fans are already over the corgi and nearly became the first dog to get canceled on social media.

Heat fans are hanging their hat on the fact that the dog is rarely ever correct and they now believe Miami will beat the Boston Celtics.

The dog’s prediction of the Eastern Conference finals has Boston winning in seven, starting with a Game 1 victory.

Game 1 between the Heat and Celtics tips off Wednesday night at 17:30 PT from TD Garden.