France exceeds 1,000 expatriate players for the first time



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France is still exporting just as well. In his weekly letter, the CIES reveals that for the first time, the bar of 1000 French players playing outside our borders has been exceeded. With 1,033 French players playing abroad, our country once again ranks second among the best exporters in the world, behind Brazil (1,289 players) and ahead of Argentina (905), which completes the podium. These three nations alone represent 22.4% of expatriates across the globe.

It is interesting to note that this classification evolves according to the age group. France, for example, is the world leader in the under-23s (202 hopefuls against 171 for Brazil), where the Auriverdes largely dominate the 27-30 age group (396 Brazilians against 282 French), while the Argentines recover the first place on the side of the over 30s (317, ahead of Brazil 308 and France 213). Finally, the Football Observer analyzes other data mentioned in its report. This sport is becoming increasingly global. Since 2017, the number of foreign players per team has increased by 20%. Across the 135 leagues studied, 25% of players in the world evolve outside their own country.

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