Joe Burrow’s message to Bengals amid contract negotiations: If you don’t have good players around the QB, you’re not going to be a very good team

Joe Burrow is considered one of the young quarterbacks deserving of a lucrative long-term extension. However, the Cincinnati Bengals‘ star quarterback seems more focused on keeping his trusted pass-catchers on the team than securing a record-breaking contract for himself.

During a press conference, Burrow mentioned that having teammates who need to be paid is always on his mind, referring to wide receivers Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase.

“You want that to be a focal point,” Burrow said.

“We’re working to make that happen. You gotta have good players. It doesn’t matter how good your quarterback is. If you don’t have good players around him, you’re not going to be a very good team.”

Burrow, Higgins, and Chase are seen as the Bengals‘ most crucial players. Burrow has led the team to the AFC championship game in consecutive seasons and even reached the Super Bowl in 2021 with the help of Higgins and Chase.

Their performance in the postseason has been notable, with Higgins contributing significantly in the Super Bowl loss to the Los Angeles Rams, and Chase earning the NFL Rookie of the Year award in 2021.

While the Bengals face the pressing question of Burrow‘s extension, the decision they make will directly impact the future of Higgins and Chase.

Higgins would likely be the next player to receive a new contract, and both he and the Bengals have expressed their desire to continue working together despite trade rumors.

“Hopefully we can do that,” Higgins said.

“And get something negotiated to where they can keep all three of us.”

Chase‘s situation is more complex as he still has a year remaining before negotiating a new deal. Given his potential to become one of the top players in his position, his contract negotiations could be challenging. The Bengals will likely exercise their fifth-year option for Chase next spring.

“[Burrow] knows what he has to do to win and he wants to win,” Chase said. “He’s a winning guy. He’s not a quarterback that’s always interested in money and all that other stuff. He just wants to win, and that’s the big thing about Joe.”