Cristiano Ronaldo’s family explodes and comes to Georgina’s defense: I spoke to my lawyers to clear my good name

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mother, Dolores Aveiro, has wanted to settle the doubts surrounding her relationship with her daughter-in-law, Georgina Rodriguez, since recent reports pointed to a bad relationship between them and the attempt of the Portuguese to end the marriage between Georgina and Cristiano.

She has made a statement on Instagram, on behalf of the Aveiro family, after a publication of an Arabic newspaper: “Dolores Aveiro accused of resorting to witchcraft to separate Ronaldo from Georgina Rodriguez,” read the headline.

Katia Aveiro was in charge of uploading a first story criticizing this news: “I opened a social network and I found this vomit of macabre news and the lowest that exists…. This time, it will not go unpunished. Neither this trash newspaper, nor the source”.

Cristiano‘s sister is fed up with false information so she has made it known.

“We are in an era where anything goes to get likes. I hate this news, this newspaper and this content. My mother is almost 70 years old, she no longer sells health, she already went through a lot in this life to raise her children, and I myself will go to the end for whoever had the brilliant idea to publish this,” she continued.

For her part, Dolores Aveiro shared her daughter’s words and noted: “It will not stay like this, I assure you.”

Dolores Aveiro’s full statement on Instagram

“I affirm that today May 16, 2023 I contacted my lawyers to clear my good name for my family and for what they represent in my life. A piece of news was published in a well-known Portuguese newspaper (a newspaper that consequently uses and abuses the name of my family to promote itself) this news, false, slanderous and even macabre where it speaks of horrible acts that possibly they would have ordered me to do to take away the happiness of one of them my children, this slander is false, malicious and unfounded… My good name will never be released in public, I will never allow such an unprofessional source to use my name in vain. I will go to the ultimate consequences not only to protect myself and mine, but I will also prove that the sources, words and writings uttered so far, were merely perverse and unfounded at all. I thank those who follow me and respect not only me and mine, pay special attention to what is spoken and written, there are free offenses after this kind of news that hurt, hurt and leave us tied hands when it comes to our most precious asset which is the family. My grandchildren some of them already read and listen to people and critics. And that is why I will not give up until this newspaper proves everything that was written today.”