PSG, Real Madrid… The verdict is confirmed for Zidane

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Free since leaving Real Madrid in May 2021, Zinedine Zidane wants to return. The 1998 world champion would like to take over a European club, but not just any club. The Premier League option has been ruled out, while PSG and Real Madrid are reportedly not priorities. Only one track could be credible and it leads to Italy.

The summer of 2023 could mark the return of Zinedine Zidane to the fore. Absent since leaving real Madrid in 2021, the 1998 world championship took advantage of a long sabbatical year, which seems to have come to an end. Coaching a big European club tickles the tricolor, looking for a challenge to match his ambitions. THE Qatar dream for several years to attract him to PSG, but for the moment, no contact has been made.

It won’t be PSG or Real Madrid.

As announced by, the trend is towards a status quo, which relegates the option Zidane in the background. Another rumor evokes a departure of the technician to Real Madrid, but Florentino Perez was pretty clear about the future of Carlo Ancelotti. “ I don’t even want to hear about it. He still has a year on his contract. We are very happy with Ancelotti” told the president of the club meringue.

England is no!

There Premier League could it be a credible option. According to his historical agent, Alain Migliaccio, this track should be ruled out. “ I don’t think he will coach in England. It’s much less his style. I discussed it with him, it really doesn’t appeal to him.he had blurted out.Sunday newspaper.

Juventus, the perfect destination?

Very attached to his former teams, Zidane would dream of a destination of choice: Torino. The former player would dream of finding the Juventus and to succeed Massimiliano Allegri. Except that the Italian technician has no intention of leaving his bench. For Zidane, the options are not many.