Boxing: Canelo Alvarez is not finished, he will become a “f**king monster” says Tim Bradley

After the Canelo Alvarez’s fight against John Ryder, some people said that he was at the end of his career, based on his performance against the British fighter at the Akron Stadium.

However, according to Izquierdazo, Timothy Bradley, former world champion, does not agree that the fighter is in the final stretch of his career and has a very particular theory about his performance,

Tim Bradley believes Canelo is not finished yet

The now ESPN analyst, gave his opinion on Canelo’s fight with Ryder, in an interview with K.O. Artist Sports and this is what he had to say: “Canelo looked OK (against Ryder), I would give him a B grade (…) He dominated the guy, beat him, broke his nose. It was an easy job,” he detailed.

Bradley insisted that Canelo should not be written off, despite the fact that his performance against “The Gorilla” was only acceptable.

“Here’s the thing: a lot of people may say that Canelo is done, that he’s not the same anymore, but when you’ve been a fighter, you know how certain fighters prepare for certain fights. Canelo wasn’t worried about this guy. Do you think Canelo was worried about training hard for this guy? No,” Bradley added.

Canelo is at a point in his career, already over 60 fights in, where he has to motivate himself for the fights,” he said.

Bradley believes that Canelo will become a “fucking monster” against an opponent who demands to bring out the best in him.