NBA Twitter disappointed at Ja Morant, call him a ‘wasted talent’ amid looming suspension

Many of us initially thought we were looking at old news when the latest gun-related incident with Ja Morant was announced. Surely there was no way he would make the same mistake twice, right? Well, this level of indifference towards everybody who wants to help the young player is exactly why everybody is so fed up with Ja Morant. Pundit Stephen A. Smith revealed there are high-ranking executives in the league who are asking for Ja Morant to be suspended for a full year. The NBA has a reputation and an image to guard by any measures they see fit. Not doing anything against Ja Morant over a repeated mistake would not send the best image in front of the public.

Ja Morant filmed with another gun

Is Ja Morant a wasted talent?

Stephen A. Smith also believes Ja Morant was always willing to do anything in order to get away with what ever he wanted to do. People who want to encourage him to take a different route do it because they know Ja Morant is a generational talent who is being completely wasted. Nevermind the $200 million Ja Morant is potentially giving up on, this man is doing everything in order to ruin a potentially Hall of Fame career. No wonder NBA Twitter is trolling him so ruthlessly. Folks who love the NBA always want to see the next generational talent coming up, Ja Morant appeared to be exactly that player. The memes and reactions to the news are ruthless.

Whether you like watching Ja Morant play or not, we can all agree that these actions cannot go unpunished accordingly under NBA regulations. No player should get diferential treatment, not even if they are considered the most exciting talent in recent NBA history. It’s just a shame watching such an incredible talent waste it all away simply because he wants to impress his friends with his public displays. Also, people keep saying Ja Morant is a kid. We are talking about a 23-year-old man, not a kid.