Boxing: Oleksandr Usyk, reveals the reason Tyson Fury negotiations are at an impasse

We all wanted to see Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury inside a ring whilst fighting for the undisputed Heavyweight championship. This is a fight that all boxing fans are convinced needs to happen at some point or another. We might never know what went down in the negotiations that fell apart a few months back. All we get are statements from both boxers but it becomes a ‘hear-say’ battle because they claim opposite views. Fury’s camp kept talking about money while Usyk keeps saying Tyson is actually avoiding to fight him. Which of both boxers is telling the truth? It’s impossible to tell at this point. All we can do is wait to see if these two can make a deal during the second half of 2023.

Fury vs Usyk negotiations are stalled

As of now, we know that neither of both teams are even talking due to the way in which both sides ended the last negotiation. During a recent interview with Vringe, Usyk spoke about the state of the negotiations. He also made a bold claim about Tyson Fury being scared of him. The Ukrainian proves he loves poking bears with this statement: “We’re at an impasse. The fight will take place sooner or later. And everything will be decided in the ring. A big man who has very good abilities in boxing and in life, but this big man is very afraid of losing.”

Tyson Fury also spoke about the stalled negotiations in one of his recent videos. He still feels as confident as ever for this fight. Normally, one would think Tyson Fury won’t struggle to beat Usyk. But judging on how well Oleksandr did against Anthony Joshua, there might be a chance for him to beat Tyson Fury. Regardless, ‘The Gypsy King’ said this:”I don’t think anybody’s scared of anybody in a boxing match. The fight’s gotta happen, it’s gotta happen this year. I just think it’s an easy job. I’ll hit him, he’ll hit the floor, then I’ll go out and get drunk in the town centre.”