Sarah Ferguson promises to turn the royal family upside down in her new podcast: Tea Talks

Sarah Ferguson is following in the footsteps of Duchess Meghan Markle: She is also launching a weekly podcast, which will be available on the streaming platform Spotify, among others. The ex-wife of Prince Andrew, 63, has now announced this on Instagram.

In “Tea Talks with the Duchess & Sarah,” the mother of Princess Eugenie, 33, and Princess Beatrice, 34, wants to “reveal everything.” The podcast is intended to “captivate listeners from the first sip,” according to the post on Instagram. In it, Sarah Ferguson will have “candid conversations about the roller coaster of life” with friend and entrepreneur Sarah Thomson. Ferguson and Thomson want to comment with “a healthy dose of humor” on “current topics of the week,” share their opinions and also give personal insights.

They will be “accompanied by special guests.” Who these guests are is not revealed in the accompanying description on Spotify, only this much: “The Duchess and Sarah promise to leave no stone unturned and no cookie unturned” – which means as much as: They do not mince words.

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Duchess Meghan collected 16 million euros for her podcast

Will the British royal family have to dress warmly? Will Fergie spill private details? Quite possibly, the ex-daughter-in-law of the late Queen Elizabeth, 96, has already shown herself talkative in the past – also in relation to Meghan and her nephew Prince Harry, 38. In an interview with the British newspaper “Telegraph” a few weeks ago, Sarah Ferguson showed understanding, could understand why the Duke of Sussex had moved to the United States.

From there, wife Meghan has sent her Spotify Exclusive Podcast “Archetypes”, for which she is said to have collected around 18 million pounds (the equivalent of about 16 million euros), out into the world. In it, well-known stars such as pop diva Mariah Carey, 54, and ex-tennis pro Serena Williams, 41, had their say.