Scandal at PSG, this Galtier star denounces fake news

Between disappointing sports performances and extra-sports affairs, nothing is going well for Achraf Hakimi at PSG. The 26-year-old right-back is notably accused of rape while he is in the middle of a divorce. However, the two cases are not related. And regarding the rape charges, the Moroccan international’s clan continues to shout fake news.

On the sporting level, nothing is going well for Ashraf Hakimi. Struggling since returning from world Cupthe player PSG struggling to regain its true level. But in private, things are not going better for the Moroccan international. While in the middle of a divorce, the 26-year-old right-back was accused of rape a few weeks ago. The court has still not delivered its verdict. Achraf Hakimi is therefore still swimming in the midst of a scandal.

Hakimi is going through turbulent months

But in the entourage ofAshraf Hakimiit is claimed that the accusation of rape against him has nothing to do with his divorce from Hiba Abouk as reported The Parisian. Their separation would be recorded for several months. The two parties would nevertheless like not to explain themselves in public in order to maintain a certain intimacy.

He continues to claim his innocence

Regarding the rape charges, the clan Hakimi would like to remind you that he always proclaims his ” innocence ” and his ” serenity ” in the file. He would let justice take its course, while a judicial investigation is still open. His defense continues to say that the charges ” are fake “and denounces at the same time” an attempt at racketeering “. Ashraf Hakimi does not intend to let go of anything in this case, hoping that justice will give him a favorable verdict.