Paige Spiranac is Breckie Hill’s next target now that she lost against Olivia Dunne

Paige Spiranac has made a name for herself as an excellent influencer in the golf and modeling world, which has caught the attention of fellow influencer Breckie Hill who has made all efforts to stay afloat and get as many views as possible.

Breckie Hill is an influencer who labeled herself as “Olivia Dunne with cannons“, and while there seem to be a lot of people who like her style, pictures, and videos, there is always more to achieve.

Breckie Hill is now wearing a golf outfit and that is Paige Spiranac’s domain

Breckie Hill has her eye on the ball and wore a provocative golf attire that certainly turned the heads of thousands as the number of views pile up.

Earlier in the year she aimed her attention at being compared to Olivia Dunne and things got heated to the point where the LSU star ended up blocking her and won the contest by remaining a champion and getting endorsements.

Breckie Hill’s new tiktok videoLW

Meanwhile, Breckie just got more views, now that the Dunne episode is over, she has picked another contender this time it’s the heavy hitter Paige Spiranac who has jumped to fame and remains the influencer champ.

Breckie Hill has about 3 and a half million followers in total

Breckie is motivated and determined so we might expect to see her jumping on the influencer ring for views, however, Spiranac has a few contenders already, including Bri Teresi, Grace Charis and even Bryson DeChambeau’s reported girlfriend, Lilia Schneider.

The influencer has already 1 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million on TikTok all of that serve as a funnel for her OnlyFans page which has almost 400K followers.