Fate of the Lakers vs Warriors semifinal already decided by ‘destiny dog’: ‘That pup better not be right’

An adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi has sent NBA fans into meltdown after successfully predicting the outcome of the first three games between the Lakers and the Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals.

The Warriors are currently facing a 2-1 deficit against the Los Angeles side after three games and now face a must win game in the upcoming match.

After correctly predicting the order and outcome of the first three duels, ‘destiny dog’ has had his say on what’s going to happen in the upcoming games between the two sides. And it looks like it’s going to be pretty epic.

As seen in the viral video of the Corgi leaping and scoring several hoops on with a sponge basketball, ‘destiny dog’ has predicted that the Golden State Warriors are going to perform an epic comeback. The dog has foretold that the Lakers will win game four, but in an expected turn of events, the Warriors will win three on the bounce to win the semifinals over seven games.

The video has already accumulated 5.4 million views on Twitter and thousands upon thousands of users have flocked to the comments. “I might have to have a convo with lil doggo if he gets this right…” joked one user. “Game 7 and the Warriors take it? That would be epic,” said another.