former referee rules Sanchez’s disallowed goal

While Olympique de Marseille opened the scoring for Bollaert, Alexis Sanchez saw his goal canceled by VAR. A decision that inevitably changed the course of the meeting.

Photo credits: Gwendoline Le Goff/IconSport

Alexis Sanchez, OM Olympique de Marseille

It’s a decision that probably had serious consequences for OM in this clash of the 34th day. If RC Lens was far from stealing their victory, the task would undoubtedly have been much more complicated if Alexis Sanchez had seen his goal validated at the quarter-hour mark. Finally, it was the VAR who called Clément Turpin and the latter reconsidered his decision, for too aggressive pressing of the Chilean on Kévin Danso.

Hot, Igor Tudor obviously protested against this arbitration decision: “Alexis Sanchez told me that there was a goal, that it was legal, I believe it. I watched the video and for me… I see no fault“, said the Croatian technician in particular. An observation shared by the various consultants present at Bollaert this Saturday evening. The Team contacted Saïd Ennjimi, a former referee, to get his opinion on the matter.

“I see a flagrant foul on the Lensois defender”

Personally, I see a blatant foul by Alexis Sanchez on the defender lensoisexplains the former international referee. It must be fixed on the lower body. Sanchez rammed Danso’s legs and created the foul. I think Clément Turpin should have whistled straight away. But, he hadn’t detected Sanchez’s fault, so he went back on it because it was a clear mistake. The video was relevant.

However, he believes that it is impossible, with the video, to know if Danso is looking for contact: “This is the difficulty of leaving the spotlight to the video. In slow motion, impossible to see if Danso wants to come and find fault. At real speed, it may be different.

In any case, RC Lens now has a two-point lead over OM, four days from the end of the championship.