Stephen Curry points to key moment in Warriors’ debacle against Lakers: Klay and I had a little miscommunication

It was not the Golden State Warriors‘ night on Saturday as they were beaten by the Los Angeles Lakers who took a 2-1 lead in the series.

LeBron James‘ Lakers won the match 127-97 at the Arena and it was their second half display that really clinched the victory. Warriors star Stephen Curry was left trying to work out what had gone wrong for his side and he came up with an explanation for the fans after the game.

“There was a turnover where me and Klay had a little miscommunication in transition,” Curry said.

“Then a barrage of whistles (and) all that stuff changed (the) momentum quickly. That was really the point where they felt like they got life. They finished off the quarter strong and carried over to the second half. So we gotta respond.”

Player and coach in agreement

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was clearly in agreement with his star player as he echoed Curry’s sentiments when trying to dissect what had gone down at the Arena.

“That point in mid-set quarter, we had control of the game, we were in pretty good shape and that’s when we lost our poise,” Kerr said.

“I think we might have had four technicals in the first half and 12 turnovers at halftime. You’re on the road, you’re going against a great team – a great defensive team, in particular. Got to be more poised than we were.”

The next game in the series is on Monday and Curry and his teammates will be on the hunt for revenge. There were some huge names such as Kim Kardashian and Michael B.Jordan present on Saturday.