King Charles Coronation: Prince Louis steals the day with his antics

Many royal fans found themselves paying more attention to little Prince Louis and his antics at the coronation than they did to the new King himself.

The coronation of King Charles III took place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday lunchtime in London and the eyes of millions around the world were on each and every royal.

Whilst Charles was the centre of attention, with many also very keen to see what Prince Andrew and Prince Harry were getting up to, it was actually Prince Louis that many ended up focusing on and talking about.

The five-year-old soon seemed bored by the length of the ceremony. Present alongside his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as his older sister, Princess Charlotte, the youngest member of the Welsh family seemed like he would rather be anywhere else.

The photographers present for the occasion did not miss any of the Prince’s antics, be they grimaces, mischievous glances or gestures. At the beginning of the ceremony, the youngest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales was able to count on his older sister who, taking her role to heart, helped him channel his energy.

Later, the active members of the Royal Family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the British people. Once again, Prince Louis gave free rein to his spontaneity. These images are reminiscent of those captured during Elizabeth II’s jubilee in June 2022.