Charles Barkley appalls audience by licking his phone live on TV: ‘Those germs and bacterias must be tasty’

Charles Barkley has become a walking meme in recent times. His controversial, and often hilarious opinions, together with his strange antics on set have seen him become one of the most comical figures on television.

He was recently trending on Twitter for what has since been described as one of the most “repulsive” and “disgusting” acts ever seen on live TV. On the last episode of NBA on TNT, the TV personality was unknowingly caught by cameras licking his phone screen in an attempt to clean it.

Both the other pundits present in the studio and users online were appalled by Barkley. “Oh no, not again. Dude, what are you doing man… you know your phone is the dirtiest thing that you have in your possessions,” were the cacophony of comments heard from the various other panelists in the studio.

As you can imagine, once Twitter caught wind of what had happened, there was a barrage of comical criticism as users expressed their disgust. “Chuck gotta stop that nasty habit. Just carry a microfiber cloth,” said one user. “I bet his phone smells like hot dog water,” said another. “Those germs and bacterias must be tasty”and “Nawwwwwwww… my man just licked his phone lol” were just two others of the thousands of comments replying to the video posted by @NBAonTNT.