Revolution at PSG, a price is announced

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Still determined to become the owner of its stadium, PSG has made the Parc des Princes its priority despite the tensions with the Paris City Hall. An agreement still seems possible, but not at €38m, corresponding to the club’s offer, nor at €350m, the price hoped for by the City of Paris.

The QSI project could experience a new twist. Indeed, the PSG seeks to own its stadium and has long tried to buy the Princes Park. Anne Hidalgo also revealed the amount of the capital club’s offer. ” We are in a country where the rule of law works, there are procedures. There are prices that must be fixed and must correspond to the good. When, after a whole process during which we discussed and tried to assess what the price of the Parc des Princes could be, the club offered 38 million euros… I think the word “ridiculous” is that suits “, confided the Mayor of Paris.

Parc des Princes remains PSG’s priority

However, according to information from FigaroTHE Princes Park remains the priority of PSGwho still dreams of buying the stadium from Saint Cloud Gate for which work of around €500 million is planned. Even if the negotiations are broken off with the City of Paris, both parties would lose if the PSG left the Princes Park.

Common ground still possible?

But at what cost ? This is the question that arises. According to Le Figaroalthough the amount of Princes Park either difficult to estimate, it will not be sold at €38 million, or the offer sent by the PSG, which has already spent around €150 million to carry out the work. However, the price set by the Paris City Hall, namely €350 million, also seems overvalued. Therefore, a middle ground could be found halfway, if everyone does their part.