Pique goes out for lunch with his sons in Miami before returning to Spain

Gerard Pique is currently spending a few days in Miami seeing his children, after they moved to Miami with their mother Shakira.

He is currently just visiting and staying in a hotel, but is looking for a house so that he can spend more time in the US city.

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In terms of what he got up to with his sons, it has been revealed on social media that he took them out for lunch.

In one person’s photo at a restaurant, Pique can be seen with the little ones sitting on a beach area under a blue sky on a sunny day with the sea in the background.

This is thanks to a photo uploaded to Twitter by user Aurelio B. Castrellon.

“Lunch with the family, where Pique sits with his kids at the next table,” wrote the user.

Pique is looking for a house

The former footballer, on this first trip, has had to stay in a hotel, which is uncomfortable for him and his children, so he is trying to find a house so that on his next visits he can be more comfortable in the United States, with Sasha and Milan.

According to ‘Semana’ and ‘Informalia’, Pique has an idea of what he wants to find in Miami.

“A large, bright space, with a minimum of rooms and common areas,” the media reports suggested.