Luis Campos PUNISHES his PSG players!


The sports director of PSG imposed a sanction on his troops following the defeat conceded at home against Lorient.

In Paris, there is the discourse held outside and there is that which is hammered home, between four walls. On Sunday, the proof was provided with the behavior of Luis Campos, the club’s football adviser. If he defended them in front of the journalists, the Portuguese did not hesitate to take out the stick in the locker room.

Campos employs the strong method

After the defeat against Lorient at home, Campos reacted to the microphone of Canal + to say that it is the sacred union within the club. “Before self-criticism, it is important to say that we are all disappointed today, not just the supporters. The players too. It’s hard to lose like that, but you have to react quickly. We are 1st since the 1e daytime. There are five games left. We have to continue in our work and get the title. Everyone must be together (…). But no one here is happy with the result. On the contrary. We need everyone now to end the season well. Are the players always behind the coach? I’m sure it is.”

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If he spared them during his media intervention, the Parisian director was on the other hand much harder towards his flock in private. And his reaction was not limited to a rant after the end of the match, as was the case in Monaco. He also cracked down by depriving the players of their day off. Thus, Kylian Mbappé and his partners will have to return to the training center this Monday.

PSG summoned to react

There is no doubt that this decision was made in consultation with coach Christophe Galtier. The latter was also unhappy with what his men produced against FCL. “Too many players are inside! I don’t know why we can be so absent from the debates. Individually, we have too many players who are below their level.he confided in a press conference.

By calling everyone back to Camp des Loges the day after the match, Campos probably hopes to provoke a burst of pride. “All PSG players must have a reaction, he added on C+. We need to drop a few points and we’re going to do that. We must not lose our heads. We must do better. I understand criticism, especially when you lose”