NY Jets’ newest star Aaron Rodgers faces tough battle with New York media, says Michael Strahan

New York Jets fans have a lot to be excited about after the team’s recent blockbuster deal. The Jets have acquired four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been traded to the team from theGreen Bay Packers after spending eighteen years in Wisconsin.

However, one NFL Hall of Famer has some concerns about Rodgers‘ move to the Big Apple.


Michael Strahan appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and voiced his concerns about how Rodgers will handle the local press in New York.

Strahan warned that the media in New York is “kind of like guilty until proven innocent,” and that Rodgers will have to work to win them over. Strahan also mentioned that the media is looking for something to write about, and that they won’t be tamed.

Strahan raises doubts about Jets’ long-term plans for Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers‘ relationship with the media has been strained in recent months. On The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers criticized the coverage of his impending darkness retreat, and said that the media “doesn’t know s**t.” In another appearance on the show, Rodgers told Schefter to “lose my number” when he asked about his future.

Strahan’s concerns about Rodgers’ trade to the Jets weren’t just limited to the media. He also questioned whether the Jets will be able to keep Rodgers for more than one year, but acknowledged that the team is “all in” and believes they can make a run.

Regardless of how long Rodgers stays with the Jets, the team’s fans can be assured that they have a top-tier quarterback leading their team.

The Packers received the thirteenth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, a second-rounder, a sixth-rounder, and a conditional second-rounder next year in exchange for Rodgers, the fifteenth overall pick in this year’s draft, and a fifth-rounder this year. It’s a move that shows the Jets are serious about winning, and with Rodgers leading the charge, they just might.