Bruno Fernandes admits he’s playing through injury after Aston Villa win

Bruno Fernandes has admitted that he is playing with an injury following his match-winning contribution for Manchester United against Aston Villa on Sunday.

The creative midfielder was once again in electric form for Manchester United at Old Trafford at the weekend, scoring the winning goal in the first half.

It was Fernandes’ second game in a week after he was pictured wearing a protective boots after picking up a knock in the Red Devils’ FA Cup semi final triumph over Brighton at Wembley Stadium.

Despite playing, and playing extremely well, against Tottenham and Aston Villa this past week, Fernandes admitted to the club’s official website that he has been playing through the injury, as opposed to being fully recovered from it, stating:

“I’m happy to never be in in a condition that doesn’t make me get out of games. But, obviously, I had a knock in the FA Cup semi-final and that still hurts a little bit. But I can play. I can still help the team and when the manager needs me.

“I will be available for the team to help because I think it’s important to me to play as much as I can. But obviously, I want to try to be in the best condition and try to not get ill and everything like that. Trying to eat healthy enough to be in the best conditions to play every game.”

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After the win on Sunday, manager Erik ten Hag was keen to praise Bruno Fernandes’ contributions:

“It was another great game from Bruno. The plan from a tactical perspective was to play him from the right to get runs behind and to pass behind. And he did that very well with Rashy and Sabitzer. And so I think our plan worked very well.

“He’s a very good presser, he understands the moment when to close down, when to bring the opponent in trouble. He knows also when to run back, to track back, and to close passing lines to our opponents. So even if our press gets beat, he knows when to get back and then, of course, he can play in between the lines and give the pass or get behind the lines himself. So he has so many skills and it’s a pleasure to work with players like him.”