Boxing: Joe Rogan believes Tyson Fury would have ‘no chance’ against Jon Jones

Joe Rogan has made a bold claim about a hypothetical super-fight between WBC heavyweight king Tyson Furyand UFC pound-for-pound kingJon Jones, stating that Fury would have “NO CHANCE” in the octagon against Jones.

Fury, who has trained with former and current UFC stars Darren Till and Nick Diaz, has expressed interest in entering the world of mixed martial arts, leaving many fight fans curious about how he would fare against Jones.

Rogan, however, believes that the fight would be a one-sided beatdown in favor of Jones.

During a recent episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan stated that “no one thinks that Tyson Fury can beat Jon Jones in a fight,” including Fury himself.

Rogan went on to say that if the hypothetical fight were to take place, he would put all his money on Jones, stating that “Tyson Fury is an amazing boxer [but] he doesn’t have a f***ing chance in hell of making it out of that room.”

Joe Rogan backs Jones to crush Fury in hypothetical super-fight

Rogan did admit that an immediate haymaker from Fury could make things interesting, but ultimately he believes that Jones’ threat of the takedown would be too much for Fury to handle.

Fury, however, has expressed interest in a hybrid boxing match in MMA gloves with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, although the bout has yet to materialize.

Fury is set to return to the boxing ring in July, although his opponent has yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, Jones is on course to return to theUFC cage in November against former heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic.