Prince William’s special role in King Charles’ coronation revealed

Prince William will have a significant role to play in his father’s coronation ceremony, set to take place next weekend at Westminster Abbey. As the eldest son of King Charles, William will have a moment in the spotlight during the event, as he makes a pledge of loyalty to his father.

In the ‘Homage of Royal Blood’ section, Prince William will swear his loyalty to the new King. He will recite the following: “I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge my loyalty to you and faith and truth I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb. So help me God.”

William will also be involved in the ‘Robe and Stole Royal’ section, where he will assist in clothing King Charles in the robe and stole. The Bishop of Durham will vest the King in the stole, while William, along with Baroness Merron and assisting bishops, will clothe Charles in the robe.

Along with his wife, Princess Kate, and their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, William is also expected to follow the monarch and his wife in the royal procession.

Prince Harry is sidelined to just watch

On the other hand, Prince Harry will not have a role in the event and is expected to watch from the sidelines at Westminster Abbey, seated with the other non-working members of the Royal Family. According to reports, Harry will be flying in ahead of May 6 and is expected to be in the UK for less than 48 hours.

The news has sparked some interest among fans of the Royal Family. While some are excited to see Prince William play a significant role in the coronation, others are disappointed that Prince Harry will not be involved in the ceremony.

One fan said, “It’s great to see Prince William taking on such an important role. He’s really coming into his own as a future King.” Another fan expressed their disappointment, “It’s a shame that Prince Harry won’t be involved. He’s always been such an important part of the Royal Family, and it would have been nice to see him take part in the ceremony.”