Pique frustrated with the complications he is facing to see his children: Shakira is making it difficult for him

Gerard Pique and Shakira announced their breakup in June 2022, but it seems that almost a year after making the decision, the hardest consequences of the process are coming, especially for the ex-footballer. Their children, Milan and Sasha, have always been the most sensitive and important issue of their separation agreement and, after a meeting in November, both decided that they would go to live together with the singer in Miami in early 2023.

The main reasons were that the youngstes had to start a new stage “in a safe, quiet environment and with the necessary privacy”.

Pique always wanted his children to stay in Barcelona, but ended up accepting his ex-partner’s proposal. Mainly, he did it because the visitation regime was going to be quite flexible, since the businessman was going to be able to visit them whenever he wanted. That yes, as a minimum and as stipulated in their agreement, officially 10 days each month.

“Shakira is making it difficult”

In addition, the former Barcelona player should have been able to be with his children most of the summer and celebrations such as Christmas or Easter. Everything seemed to be going well; instead, Gerard is starting to worry about the complications he is having to be able to see his children. This is per Laura Fa and Lorena Vazquez‘s podcast.

Pique finally will not be able to spend those ten days with his children as stipulated in the agreement because Shakira has made things quite difficult for him to do so,” said the presenters.

So, Pique could be thinking about strategies such as changing something of the agreement with Shakira or buying a property in Florida, in order to be able to spend more time with what makes him happiest.