Boxing: John Ryder: Why Canelo Alvarez’s next opponent is nicknamed The Gorilla revealed

Canelo Alvarez is just days away from stepping back into the ring and for his fight at the Akron Stadium on May 6, his opponent of choice is the little known John Ryder.

Although not many anecdotes and stories are known about the English fighter’s life, a few more facts about him have come to light in the last few days.

The origin of John Ryder’s peculiar nickname

TUDN spoke to Dan Lawrence, Ryder’s fitness trainer, who, among other things, told the origin of the boxer’s nickname, The Gorilla.

“He’s as strong as a gorilla, as his nickname says, because honestly he’s very dominant in that regard,” Lawrence explained.

“There are numerous occasions where he has defied logic, such as when he carried 230 kilos at deadweight – considering he was within the super-middleweight limit and that’s a considerable load.”

Ryder will be looking to capitalize on that strength as he looks to take the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF super middleweight world championships from the Mexican.

“I believe in his strength and that John is going to go and win the fight, not like others who only appeared against Canelo in the past,” he continued.

“He will look to surprise the world and for that he will use his strength, he will stand in front of him without shying away from the physical exchange and try to put pressure on him for periods, John is the bigger of the two, something rare for him, so he will use his physical advantage to upset Canelo like others have not done,”

John Ryder’s training based on science

Lawrence also commented that the training methods for Ryder are based on science.

“John Ryder has a phrase we use on T-shirts: ‘Old school values, but modern methods’. Our values as humans, and John’s, are classic, good values, but the training methods are based on science…. John is very strong and we have tried to add speed to him, to make him more powerful,” he concluded.

“It’s not just about being strong but how fast you can express your strength.”