Will Levis’ girlfriend and sisters are as much of a talking point as the player himself at the NFL Draft

Will Levis‘ sister stole the spotlight during the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Kelley Levis was trending on social media, where she has already gained numerous followers.

It’s not the first time that Levis family has gone viral, as the same happened with his girlfriend during the Draft, as well as with the player, who earlier this year made headlines after deciding to put mayonnaise in his coffee.

“It was a Friday before a game, me and my girlfriend were at breakfast, we got our coffees and there was no cream, no sugar on the table, just a bottle of mayo,” Levis said.

“She made the kind of funny joke ‘Do you think people are supposed to put this in their coffee?’ And I was like, ‘Maybe, let’s try it out.’”

Levis was expected to be selected between the top-10 picks but couldn’t avoid sliding out of NFL draft’s first round.

“I see him as the fourth guy,” an AFC OC told Sports Illustrated.

“Something’s not there with him. Something’s missing.

“Not to say he won’t be a good quarterback; I wanted to like him more than I did. He has the measurables, can throw it a mile. But he lacks touch and feel and ball placement. He can talk pro systems, because he’s been in them.

“If you take him, and use his athleticism, do Josh Allen stuff with him, he may be built for that. But there’s a learning curve as to pace of play, processing as fast as you’d like. You watch it and wish it was better.”