PSG: Qatar’s “ridiculous” offer is revealed

Hungry for sport, he grew up to the sound of Formula 1 engines and the exploits of Ronaldinho. Today, a graduate of a Master’s degree in sports journalism, he no longer misses an F1 Grand Prix or a PSG match, his two passions and specialties.

For several months, the conflict between PSG and the Paris City Hall for the takeover of the Parc des Princes is in full swing. The capital club is now even turning to the possibility of buying the Stade de France. Asked about the subject, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, believes that PSG has not made the necessary efforts and reveals the offer which she considers ridiculous for the acquisition of the Parc des Princes.

It’s no longer a secret, PSG wishes to become the owner of its stadium in order to continue its expansion. Faced with the intransigence of the Paris City Hall, which refuses to sell Princes ParkQatar would have positioned itself to become the owner of the Stade de France. The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo releases its truths in this file.

Anne Hidalgo’s rant

Is my position irrevocable? Yes because you know, we had opened the door to the possibility of selling the stadium to our club. It is true that in the economic model of the big clubs, they are almost all owners and this argument, we have of course looked at it. The second thing is that to sell, you first had to respect the rules because it belongs to the Parisians, it does not belong to me personally. We are in a country where the rule of law works, there are procedures. There are prices that must be fixed and must correspond to the good. When, after a whole process during which we discussed and tried to assess what the price of the Parc des Princes could be, the club offered 38 million euros… I think the word ‘ridiculous ‘ is the one that fits “, she launches for RFI before revealing the amount of Qatar’s offer.

“We are in a state of law”

Moreover, we said to ourselves that there was no longer any possible path, let’s stop discussing so as not to reach an agreement. And then we are in a state of law. I don’t know if it’s in relation to Qatar. We are in a state of law. Yes it’s true that with us, stadiums don’t spring up like mushrooms, it’s true that you don’t arrive with a bundle of millions and become the buyer of any property for any conditions », adds Anne Hidalgo.