Kim Kardashian wants to be a full-time lawyer: ‘What takes 20 years, I do in 6 months’

In this day and age, there aren’t many celebrities who get so closely involved with regular folk to help them out like Kim Kardashian has done it. She literally uses her star power in order to get people out of unfair legal situations, many regular attorneys don’t like the idea that this celebrity is doing their work faster than they are. But at the end of the day, the idea is to help as much people as possible. Her humanitarian work helping change the American Government’s criminal reform has been paramount to help set people like Alice Marie Johnson free from an unfair prison sentence. As soon as Kim realized how much her star power is worth in these instances, she became interested in the reform.

During a sit down in the Time100 Summit with Poppy Harlow, the two of them spoke about the current work Kim Kardashian is doing and why she is one of TIME’s most influential people of 2023. Those who don’t know, Kim Kardashian is taking serious thought to probably start a career in law. The influencer and business mogul already passed the baby bar exam in the state of California. It is known as the First-Year Law Students Examination. Human rights attorneys Jessica Jackson and Erin Harley are taking her under their wing and showing her the ropes. Kardashian revealed she is willing to completely change her career path for the good cause.

Kim Kardashian, attorney at law

This is what Kim said to CNN’s Poppy Harlow: “When I met Alice, I felt like it was a fairly easy experience for me, when I know it shouldn’t be, to get someone out. It takes 10, 20 years to do what I did in six months. And I didn’t realize the fight at that time. To me, that was a few phone calls. That really struck me that, you know, however it was done, it was done. I’m so grateful. But the system, that process has to change. You get to a point where you have experiences that just change you. I always joke with my mom, who is my manager. I say, ‘Kim K is retiring, and I’m just going to be an attorney. So you can go help my siblings.”