PSG: Rebound for Messi, Qatar gets involved

Still not having extended at PSG, Lionel Messi could leave the capital club this summer since his contract expires next June. The Argentinian would also have some options for his future. However, Qatar could well have a role to play soon in this file, which could completely relaunch the soap opera.

The future of Lionel Messi been the subject of many rumors for several months now. At the end of the contract next June, the Argentinian international has still not extended to PSG. Luis Campos has been working on this dossier for some time now, but no agreement has been reached so far.

Towards a departure from PSG for Messi?

At the same time, Lionel Messi is coveted elsewhere. I’Saudi Arabia and the MLS dream of getting their hands on it. THE FC Barcelona would hope to be able to repatriate him this summer. However, Qatar could have a role to play soon in this burning issue of the transfer window.

Messi, “an extraordinary showcase” for Qatar

Messi is different, he is at the end of his contract, but I think for Doha it is an extraordinary showcase and even if they consider that he is finished in Paris, I think they will try to keep him. , so maybe in the end, the three will remain “ thus confided the journalist of the Parisian Julien Stephan at the microphone of MARCA. To be continued…