A clash breaks out live, Riolo empties his bag on Deschamps

Daniel Riolo is not famous for keeping his tongue in his pocket. The latter was present this Wednesday in the program “l’heure des Pros” hosted by Pascal Praud to promote his latest work. Currently targeted by a complaint from Didier Deschamps, the RMC journalist has added fuel to the fire after a vehement exchange with the host.

“Daniel doesn’t like Didier Deschamps. He is, however, an absolute genius. He has achieved everything in his life. He was the first Frenchman to win the European Cup as a player with OM, to win the World Cup as a player with the France team, and as a coach. And you don’t like it! I’m surprised that a football journalist doesn’t like Deschamps! How it is possible ? »affirmed Pascal Praud to Daniel Riolo this Wednesday on his show “Time for the Pros”.

Riolo denounces “a football culture that is poor in France”

And the response from the sulphurous editorialist was not long in coming. The latter having first complained about the fact that the coach of the France team is considered untouchable by the critics: “We have a footballing culture which is a little poorer in France. Many stop a bit like betas at the end result! There are others who try to go a little further! »quips Daniel Riolo.

“We have the right to express reservations on a human level”, Riolo knocks out Deschamps

Daniel Riolo continues, explaining, because Pascal Praud didn’t appreciate his previous remark: “You didn’t understand me. I have always said that Deschamps was extraordinary in his way of looking at football and achieving victory. But do we have the right to express reservations on a human level? Or simply, we do not have the right? Do you have reservations here every morning about the President of the Republic or his ministers? Yes ! But Deschamps is a statue! You must not touch it! He is invincible in your eyes! ».