Erling Haaland breaks Premier League single-season goalscoring record



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If some still doubted it, Erling Haaland is definitely not an ordinary player. The Norwegian cyborg, since he landed in the Premier League on the side of Manchester City, crushes everything in his path, leaving no chance for opposing defenses. And his maddening statistics speak for him. This Wednesday evening, he also scored his 33rd goal in 28 league matches.

If he had to wait for the 95th to find the net against Arsenal after having stumbled several times on Ramsdale, Erling Haaland definitely entered the history of the Premier League. With this new goal, he now holds the record for most goals (33) in a Premier League season with 20 clubs. A record held so far by Salah with 32 goals. There are still seven matches left for the Haaland goal machine to explode this new record.

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