Tiago Santos is already panicking Europe



If this season, the Estoril club is struggling in the league (15th out of 18th), some players manage to do well. This is the case of the young left side Tiago Santos who has revealed himself this season. The 20-year-old player (4 assists this season) trained at Sporting quickly proved himself and caught the eye.

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According to our information, he is closely followed by a Ligue 1 club whose name has not yet leaked. This club, which is in the second part of the table, has already started discussions with Estoril to study the feasibility of the operation. Premier League and Bundesliga clubs are also on the lookout, as is Betis. Estoril, a club where several talents like Matheus Nunes, Miguel Crespo and Diego Carlos have already emerged, could accept an offer of around 6 million euros.

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