Rose Hanbury regarded as ‘the new Camilla’ in Prince William’s affair scandal

The mistakes made by the father could become the same mistakes made by the son, or so it seems with King Charles III and Prince William. This entire new scandal that is making waves on the Internet has Rose Hanbury right in the middle of a possible adultery scandal and love triangle. It involves her, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Rose has been friends with both of them for many years but the relationship between the two women broke down after the reports started coming in. Allegedly, the prince was spotted dining with Rose on Valentine’s Day and the rumor is that he’s had an affair with her for many years. A scandal that has brought unwanted popularity to everyone involved, but even more so for Rose.

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Is Rose the new Camilla?

If you thought this story has taken place within the Royal Family before, it because it definitely has. With some differences but the bsae story is strikingly similar, Prince William is making the same mistakes his father made back in the day. The rumors suggest Prince William has been in love with Rose (who is married) for many years but he ultimately decided to marry Kate Middleton. Just like his father was in love with Camilla Parker Bowles, who was also married at the time. If all these rumors turn out to be true, this means Kate Middleton is playing a role very similar to Princess Diana. Just by looking at that situation, many can already start imagining how this can end.

Only if the rumors are true and Prince William really is in love with Rose Hanbury, it will be a matter of time before his heart wins over his head. Kate Middleton could become a divorced woman and Rose may also get a divorce. Contrary to the ‘1990s, the concept of divorce is much more common today than it was back then. If Prince William and Princess Kate end their marriage, people wouldn’t be nearly as outraged as they were when Princess Diana and Prince Charles took the same step. Again, we are not saying this will happen nor are we confirming Rose Hanbury is Prince William’s mistress. We simply wanted to point out the striking similarities between the king and his son’s alleged life decisions.