Carlo Ancelotti warns Vinicius Jr



A real rout. Girona took advantage of the absences on the Real Madrid side to offer themselves a very good 4-2 victory, with in particular the quadruple of Taty Castellanos. One of the few to have answered present, it is as often Vinicius Junior. His dribbling and his speed still hurt a lot, his goal even revived his team at one point, but it wasn’t enough. Like the others before him, he ended up getting out of his game and could even have taken a second warning for a bad gesture. This is already his 9th warning this season in the league. “There are too many and I have already said it several times” assures an Ancelotti reassembled in front of the press.

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Certainly the fantastic Brazilian was the target of the public and especially of his opponents. They took it several times to stop him at the extreme limit of regularity, but above all it had the gift of annoying him and spending more time complaining. “The team was nervous from the start. We have lost control. And in the second half, when it looked like the elements could go in our favor, the third goal arrived. Regarding Vinicius, he played well, with a goal and key assists. But the team was not connected enough and we paid for it” regrets the Italian technician.

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