OM achieve a huge blow, they are totally on fire

When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

After 16 years without a win in Lyon, OM went on to win at Groupama Stadium thanks to a goal scored in the dying seconds of the game. A precious victory that allows Marseille to regain its place as runner-up. Jonathan Clauss did not hide his joy after Marseille’s success.

It is a very precious success that theOM went to pick up Sunday on the lawn of theOL. 3rd at kick-off after the sparkling victory of lens against monaco, Marseilles didn’t really have room for error. Cengiz Under opened the scoring before half-time but behind, OM harvested and theOL took the opportunity to equalise. Finally, while Marseilles was almost no longer dangerous, Lyons scuttled itself and Malo Gustoscorer against his side, offered the victory to theOM.

“I think it’s deserved anyway”

I was really very close! Anyway, with all that I missed! (laughs) Otherwise yes, I was still well placed, but he took it off my feet, bad luck for them, they were a bit too much (in the box). It’s a mess and goal, so much the better. I think it’s deserved anyway, we had a great game, we are very happy with the result. It puts us on the right path for the future. “, said Jonathan Clauss in the mixed zone after the match.

Great joy for OM

The piston of OM, aligned on the left Sunday evening, did not hide his joy after this prestigious victory: “ Of course, the event was special, we were keen to do it! Both the coach and the players knew the importance of this game. We won it so inevitably, we let the joy burst. I don’t know if it’s a turning point. We take the matches one after the other. We want to win everything, so we make sure to do everything to win. Yes, it’s a hole, but we don’t stop there “.