Boxing: Conor McGregor’s ‘hectic’ backstage encounter with Floyd Mayweather Sr. after Davis vs Garcia fight: What actually happened?

Some of the biggest names in sport were present at the T-Mobile arena for the lightweight boxing showdown between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

Two such people were Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Sr, who appeared to coincidentally bump into each other in the backstage area of the stadium once the fight had concluded.

A video of the exchange has surfaced on social media and has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of views. And it’s not hard to see why: the clip is pretty chaotic, to say the least, and has left fans somewhat confused.

The interaction between the two took place six years after the fight between McGregor senior and Mayweather Jr and despite the history between the two, the atmosphere between the pair appeared to be fairly amicable.

Ryan Garcia comforted by Conor McGregor after loss to Gervonta Davis

At first, as it often is the case with the UFC Champion, it was hard to tell whether McGregor was being friendly or not. His borderline ironic tone and aggressive nature did initially appear to be provocative, but it soon became clear that Conor was, in his own unique way, being friendly.

The former double UFC champion was actually full of praise for Mayweather senior, crediting him for the success of his son. “You’re the reason he’s so good”, said the lively Irishman. He continued to show his admiration for his rival’s father and trainer: “I’d love to do work with you some day,” he said. McGregor flattered Mayweather Sr by imitating his son’s distinguishing jabs during the conversation.

Fans were shocked by the heartwarming exchange between the two, especially after all the comments Mayweather Sr made about McGregor before ‘The Money Fight’ in 2017. “I would beat the s*** out of Conor right now. I’m double his age, and I’d whoop his a**,” said Floyd’s father that year.