Simon Charles Dorante-Day mocks King Charles, the man he claims is his father

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, the man who claims to be the lost child of King Charles and Camilla, has mocked his supposed father with a Facebook post.

Having been so vocal for so long about how he is actually their son and they have chosen to ignore their relation to him, it seems that Dorante-Day has no issue mocking the King of England who is set to be coronated on May 6.

At Easter, Dorante-Day made a Facebook post with the caption: “Morning, hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter. This one’s doing the rounds in Australia so, knowing you all like a laugh, I thought I’d share

“Laughter is the best medicine after all! I just broke my Mug might be time for a new one

“God bless and have a great week.”

The post was accompanied with a picture of a mug featuring Charles‘ face and two handles that look like ears, a joke at the fact Charles is often depicted with large ears. The accompanying text said ‘the coronation mugs are out’.

Dorante-Day’s regular calls for recognition

The Australian man is regularly giving interviews or making his own publications about who he thinks his parents are.

In a recent post, he said: “One way in which you can all help, and I know many of you do, is prayer Here’s an excellent prayer!

“God, if it is in the spiritual path of all concerned, bring back to King Charles & wife Queen Camilla the pain they have created and the suffering they have caused. Let them feel it now. Let them receive it in such a manner they can no longer harm others and release the secret of their hidden child.”