Georgina Rodriguez distracts from Cristiano Ronaldo troubles with this exercise where she strengthens her buttocks

Georgina Rodriguez is not going through a good patch with her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo.

After the Portuguese TV show ‘Noite das Estrelas’ gave the reasons for the couple’s troubles, it is as if everything around the couple has been uncovered.

In this Portuguese TV show and in several other media outlets, they indicate that Cristiano is “tired” of the attitude adopted by Georgina, which they describe as “far from reality”, “forced” and “frivolous”. They even spoke of Cristiano being “fed up with her” because of her attitude.

Rodriguez seems happy to focus on her own life, though, promoting her figure and her brand as much as she can. In one of her latest videos on social media, she can be seen doing an exercise which is aimed at pronouncing the buttocks, catching the eye of her fans.

The influencer is usually present at top events, as well as being the image of internationally renowned brands, and in addition to all this, in March she premiered the second season of ‘I am Georgina’, her Netflix reality show.

But her popularity has also multiplied on Instagram where she regularly posts videos like this one where she can be seen working on a specific part of her body.