Napoli crucify Juventus in injury time



The last meeting of the day counting for the 31st day of Serie A offered a good duel between Juventus and Napoli. At home, the Turinese intended to finish in the best possible way a week punctuated by the suspension of its 15 penalty points in the league but also the qualification for the semi-finals of the Europa League. For their part, the Neapolitans had to react after his elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and a big drop in speed. Facing the leader of Serie A, the players of Massimiliano Allegri did not take control of the ball and let the Neapolitans control the debates. Despite good intentions on both sides, the lack of accuracy in the last gesture for the visitors and the lack of sharpness on the counter for the locals did not give rise to real chances in the first period.

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Upon returning from the locker room, the 22 players in this meeting returned to the field with the same intentions. Giovanni Di Lorenzo’s teammates continued to push to make the difference while the Old Lady was content to limit the breakage. At the dawn of the last quarter of an hour of this meeting, Victor Osimhen turned around in the opposing area and fired a fine shot which ended its race on the crossbar of Wojciech Szczesny (70th). In the process, the Neapolitan striker found this time the Turin goalkeeper on his way (71st). After letting the storm pass, the Bianconeri finally woke up and Angel Di Maria and Dusan Vlahovic thought they opened the scoring but the two goals were finally disallowed by the VAR respectively for a foul before the Argentinian’s goal (85th) and a goal kick for the Serb (90th + 1). Finally, Naples found the resources to crucify the Turinese in added time (90th + 4, 0-1). In the standings, Juventus remains stuck in 3rd place while the Neapolitans regain victory.

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