Who killed John Lennon? It might not have been Mark David Chapman

The world was stunned when the lead singer of The Beatles, John Lennon, was shot and killed in Central Park West in New York in 1980.

Lennon was returning to the apartment he shared with his wife Yoko Ono, when he was shot and killed by, as everyone assumed, Mark David Chapman.

However, British author and TV presenter David Whelan now believes that Chapman may actually be innocent of the murder.

His upcoming documentary and book outlines how there may have been a second shooter.

Was John Lennon killed by a professional assassin?

Whelan‘s book is called ‘Gimme Some Truth – The Assassination of John Lennon’ and he has told the New York Post that there is a lack of truth in the narrative that Lennon was shot from behind by Chapman.

The author thinks he was shot in the chest from the front by a more professionally trained gunman, rather than by Chapman, who was said to be 25 feet from Lennon when he shot.

Some of Whelan‘s research led him to speak to the surgeon, Dr. David Halleran, and the two nurses, Barbara Kammerer and Dea Sato, who did all that they could to save Lennon at what used to be the Roosevelt Hospital.

David Whelan’s theory is dismissed

Dave Wedge, who co-authored a book called ‘The Last Days of John Lennon’ believes that there is no truth to Whelan‘s theory.

“It’s a fantasy,” Wedge said of the new theory.

“We went through all the case files that hadn’t been looked at in 30 years.

“No one disputes that Chapman was the gunman. He’s confessed repeatedly and apologized.”

Chapman pleaded guilty to the murder after his lawyers briefly considered an insanity defense and is serving a 20-years-to-life sentence at Green Haven Correctional Facility in upstate New York. He has been denied parole at least 12 times.