PSG is chilled for its transfer window surprise

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Leaving PSG on loan for Eintracht Frankfurt last summer, Eric-Junior Dina-Ebimbe would be expected by the Parisian leaders who intend to relaunch him next season. However, for his part, the young 22-year-old midfielder casts a shadow over his future and displays great uncertainty.

Along with other elements deemed undesirable by Luis Fields such as Georginio Wijnaldum, Mauro Icardi, Hake Dagba or layvin Kurzawa, Eric-Junior Dina-Ebimbe was therefore lent by the PSG last summer. The 22-year-old midfielder, who was not part of the plans for Christopher Galtiertherefore joined theEintracht Frankfurt which also has a purchase option set at €6.5 million for the player of the PSG.

PSG wants to recover Dina-Ebimbe

As RMC Sport recently announced, the PSG does not intend, however, to let go of his titi, and would have already planned to recover DinahEbimbe at the end of his loan spell in Germany to reintegrate him into the midfield rotation next season. But for his part, the main interested party has not yet said yes.

” We’ll see after “

Asked Thursday at the microphone of Sky, Eric-Junior Dina-Ebimbe cast a chill over his future and a return to PSG : “ I discuss with my entourage and my agents. We haven’t touched on this discussion yet, so for the moment I’m focused on the matches we have left (…) And what will happen, we’ll see after, for the moment it’s not the priority “. To be continued…