He throws a punchline, the OM coach responds directly

At the start of the shock of the 32nd day of Ligue 1 between OL and OM, the coaches took turns at a press conference. At first, Laurent Blanc spoke, praising the qualities of his Marseille counterpart. Igor Tudor did not fail to respond to him with as much sympathy.

We have known Olympicos a little more tense in the past. While OM moves on the lawn of theOL in order to distance itself from the RC Lensthe club of Jean Michel Aulas – 5 points from Lille (5th) – hopes to grab a place in the European Cup. Different objectives which were reflected in the press conference by the sympathy of the two coaches.

White raves about the game of OM

Whether Laurent Whiteit dropped a little punchline on the player that was Igor Tudorhe still credited the Croatian’s good work at theOM : “What is certain is that he does not train as he played (laughs). Tudor, it was a little rougher! But he’s a very good coach, he requires real involvement, overreaching… It’s beautiful. The team is constantly changing its shape, it’s pleasant and beautiful to watch, athletically it’s very strong. Their game is total, it requires a lot of involvement”.

Tudor also shows a deep respect for his counterpart

In response to these words, Igor Tudor wanted to thank Laurent Blanc facing the press: “I thank Laurent Blanc for his words. He is a football man, a man of values. I have known him since the 98 World Cup in France when I played with Croatia and then during his career in Italy and his coaching career. He is a person who does good at football. He has values ​​that I like, confided the Marseille coach.