Clash XXL announced at PSG, a resounding departure envisaged

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Is Christophe Galtier lonely at PSG? The technician seems to retain the confidence of his locker room, but not that of Luis Campos. At the origin of his arrival in Paris last July, the Portuguese would have distanced himself from Galtier and would hope to see him change air at the end of the season.

Linked to PSG until 2024, Christophe Galtier hopes to keep his job next season. In a press conference, the technician admitted that he was working on the next transfer window with Luis Campos, his superior. ” We’re working with Luis Campos on the squad architecture for next season, with the changes we want to make to improve the team, to maybe have more variety in our game, whether that’s through different organizations, have a better balance” said Galtier at a press conference. But behind the scenes, the rag is burning between the two men.

Campos ready to turn the Galtier page?

Journalist for The Team, Loic Tanzi announced that Fields wanted to turn the page Galtier at the end of the season. “ If Luis Campos has the hands today, his choice is to have a complete break, to take a totally different coach from Galtier he said on Thursday. But in this case, the Portuguese will not be the only one to decide. Doha will have a say and for the time being, there is no contact with another coach according to exclusive information from

“There is a crack between Campos and Galtier”

The ties between the two men would have been stretched over time, even if the affair Galtier allowed the situation to warm up. “ There is a crack between Campos and Galtier, the Nice episode brought them closer, otherwise it was a little more complicated in recent weeks. confessed Tanzi on the set of Greg’s Team. On the carpet, Galtier loses waist support PSG.